Tourist Places

Mata Teela Temple
Mata Teela Temple

It is very old temple situated at Parham Panchayat Firozabad

Hanuman Temple
Shri Hanuman Temple

This temple was established in the form of a monastery by Shri Bajirao Peshwa II during the Maratha rule, about…

Kotla Fort Front View
Kotla Fort

According to the 1884 Gazetteer, about 12 kilometers from Hirangaon-Firozabad, Kotla’s fort, whose ditch is 20 feet, 14 feet deep,…

Sofi Sahab Mazar
Sofi Sahab Mazar

About 15 km away from Hirangaon, Firozabad, on the banks of the Yamuna, is the Makvara of Sufi Shahe, where…

Raja Chandrawar Fort
Chandravar Gate

Chandravar Gate falls under Ferozabad district. Here the war of Muhammad Ghori and Jayachand was fought, Chandravara was fired on…

Vaishno Devi Temple
Vaishno Devi Temple

Temple is about 10 kms away from Firozabad Tundla route , there is a mandatory demand from any true mind…

Jain Temple From Front
Jain Mandir

The Jain temple was founded by Late Seth Chhami Dami Lal Jain. In the temple hall, the beautiful statue of…