Chandravar Gate

Chandravar Gate falls under Ferozabad district. Here the war of Muhammad Ghori and Jayachand was fought, Chandravara was fired on the Yamuna coast, 5 kilometers away from Ferozabad town. At present Chandravara was once an important and prosperous city, in which some Jain scholars believed that this land was ruled by Lord Krishna’s father Vasudeva. It is said that Chandraseen was founded by Chandra Var town. In the book Bahubali Charit written by Dhanapal in 1392 AD or 1397 AD , details of Sambhari Rai, Sarang Narendra, Abhay Chandra and Ramchandra Rajo of Chandravar get details.

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  • Raja Chandrawar Fort

How to Reach:

By Air

The place is approachable to visit by nearest airport situated in Agra which is famous as Kheria Airport (45 Km Approx from this place) and also from Saifai Airstrip (80 Km Approx from this place) which is situated in Etawah District.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Firozabad Railway Station which is on Delhi-Howrah route and is just 2.2 Km from this Place.

By Road

It is situated 2.1 kilometers from Firozabad Bus station . There are regular buses from other cities to Firozabad.