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About Firozabad
The ancient name of this town was Chandwar nager. The name of Firozabad was given in the regime of Akbar by Firoz Shah Mansab Dar in 1566. They say that Raja Todarmal was passing through this town , pilgrimage to Gaya. He was looted by robbers. At his request , Akbar the great send his Mansab Dar Firoz Shah here . He landed near or about Datauji, Rasoolpur, Mohammadpur Gajmalpur, Sukhmalpur Nizamabad, Prempur Raipura. The tomb of Firoz Shah and ruins of Katra Pathanan are the evidences of this fact.
Mr. Peter, who was the businessman , related to East India Company visited on 9 August 1632 and found the town in good condition. It is written in the gazetteer of Agra and Mathura in 1596 Firozabad was upgraded in a Pargana . Firozabad was bestowed to Nabab Sadulla as jagir , in the regime of Shahjahan .

Nidhi Kesarwani IAS
District Magistrate Firozabad
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