The ancient name of town was Chandwar nagar , it was renamed Firozabad by Akbar the great Since 15 Century it was the home of the glass industry, White and coloured glass pieces being manufactured for the purpose of assembling , jhad and fandus which were in demand by royal courts and nobles for decoration their assembling and drawing rooms later on phials for itra , scents and other cosmetic products were made .

     Slowly and steadlly suhag items like bangles,kangans were kara etc produced  for the general public .Today it is nicknamed suhag nagri because it fulfills all most the demand of bangles karas, kangans and other items of suhagins.

     Firozabad at present is known world wise due to its glass industry . Since 1989 it started production of artistic glassware in different colours and shades used in jhad farnused and other items .

   About four hundred glass industries are registered in firozabad ,these are making different types of glass product . They are using natural gas instead of coal . The 50 % productions of these units are exported to different countries. Now-a-days , Blowing/modeling is done by the pot regeneratative tank furnish process in the factories. The following are the main products.

Glass Hard wares - For house decoration purpose multi angle , cylindrical round design hand nobs etc are manufactured here .

Glass Artwares - Since dawn of 19th century, toys,candle-stands , crosses , X-mas trees , different fruits ,mini-trees , Images of birds , animals and VIPS and god and goddess are made for Indian and Abroad markets.

Glass Domestic-wares – Since 19 Century it has been manufacturing drinking glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses, dinner table sets , such as bowls , plates , lemon-sets , pudding sets , etc etc in attractive cuttinges charming designs based on modern emblems made in cottage as well as in factories .

Glass Scienctific and Lab wares – Since last 10 years beakers , flasks, containers and other scientific wares being manufactured here , which are in demand in colleges , universities and in factory labs .

Glass Automobile wares – Light bulbs , mine battery bulbs and other light and sight equipments are produced here for two and four wheelers.

Glass Street and domestic light wares – For Urban and Rural areas for lighting purpose , several artistic and other utility purposes many glass items are being produced including miniature bulbs and high power voltage bulbs. It is estimated that 6% demand of bulbs being fulfilled from here .

Glass Chandeliers – Since mugal period it has been producing different shapes and shades of hanging chandeliers Now many geometrical designs have been added giving them most modern tastes.

Glass Marriagewares – Even in ancient period, here bangles , Kangans and karas were made for domestics. purpose . It is estimated that four new designs are added every a year . shapes , like pearls , seeps , and golden shades are being added in glasses . New attracting Indian and forign markets .

Some important industries which are exporting various glass items.


Name of Industries

Phone No.
1. Raghav Glass works station road Firozabad 41522
2. laxmi glass works ,station road ,Firozabad 41677
3. Raghav Export,Station road,Firozabad 43522
4. B.S.S.Export,Station road,Firozabad 43777
5. Crown Glass Industries,karwala,Firozabad 48649
6. Crown overcease,S.S.Road,Firozabad 45776
7. Seema Glass Industries,Bye pass road,Firozabad 41567
8. Meera Glass Industries,Bye pass road,Firozabad 48333
9. Subash Novelties Medical,Good Works,Bye pass road, Firozabad 41317
10. Choice Glass Industries,Makkhanur,Firozabad 44517
11. Shuvam,Agra road,Firozabad 48782
12. Tranparants overcease ,Agra road,Firozabad 45456
13. Chandra Exports Jain mandir,Firozabad 42566
14. Bajrang Glass,Internation ,S.N.Road,Firozabad 43695
15. Baba Gyani Glass Industries, Firozabad 44174
16. M.K. International Labour Colony, Firozabad 42539
17. Gupta Glass Industries, Jain Mandir, Firozabad 42549
18. Chacha Glass Industries, Raniwala Market, Firozabad 48359
19. Pramod Agency, S.N. Road, Firozabad 43225
20. Advance Glass Export, Station Road, Firozabad 42658

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